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The Pasty Box

Our vision is to offer meals of nutritious food to children and their families. We want to provide meals that the children are engaged with and take ownership of. We believe in a circular economy, where the produce we provide comes from the land we love. Thus, supporting local business, jobs, economy and of course, the communities we serve. We want to offer ongoing support to our families, in continued education and boxes for an identified amount of time. Let’s cut hunger together.

Give children nutritious food, using quality ingredients produced in Cornwall Educate children in new skills they can adapt, grow, and take with them through life To be environmentally conscience, ethical and sustainable
“We want this whole project to be about wellbeing. We’d love to offer children involvement in a range of sports. Sport is at the core of our fundraising and something we’re passionate about. Offering children experiences of sports that school cannot offer is an amazing thing!”

Fergus Muller,

“It is sometimes said that the only industry Cornwall has now is hospitality. People also say how hard it is to get jobs in Cornwall that pay well. If we can get children engaged in cooking, food and their heritage we are setting them up for the biggest job market in Cornwall. We want to support children for as long as possible and keep on building their future.”

Lewis Groom,

“We believe wholeheartedly in fighting hunger and empowering children to take charge of cooking whilst loving doing it! What is better than cooking a meal for people you love and seeing how much they enjoy it? The skills the children learn with us they can take with them through life, they can adapt what they learn and hopefully teach these skills to others.”

Adam Anderson,


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